Stop losing time, money & energy as a solo player.

Start maximizing ROI with the power of a team.

Most professional athletes have an entire team to support them: a coach, trainer, physical therapist, sports psychologist — a whole group of experts helping them perform at their best.

The same is true for doctors, lawyers, and other top professionals — they all have the help of a team.

Yet most media buyers go it alone, even while juggling a dozen roles. We’re writers. And researchers. And analysts. And psychologists...

And to perform our best, we spend thousands of hours studying audiences, testing creative and staying ahead of trends...

Because with the increasing challenges of paid traffic, we know that’s what it takes to ensure a win.

But every hour spent looking for an answer and every day wasted troubleshooting a campaign could be spent landing more clients, or increasing ROI — or lying by the pool, for Pete’s sake!

connecting teams3

So after years of hard work as solo players, we thought of a better way.

A way that professional media buyers can get everything we need to perform our best, all in one place.

One place where you can learn the top strategies being used by other successful advertisers...

One place where you can get expert feedback on your campaigns before throwing ad dollars at them...

One place where platform specialists keep you updated on the latest changes to Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube...

So you can stop losing time, money and energy, and start getting bigger wins faster and more often.

So we collected all the resources we’ve relied on throughout our careers; we gathered some of our best friends, partners, mentors and students...

And threw them all into one amazing group called Team Traffic. It’s the group we’ve always wish existed...

And we’re inviting you to become a member and share in our success.

Signing Bonus #1New Year Strategy Sessionwith Molly, Ezra & Boris

  • For the first time ever, watch Molly, Ezra and Boris perform a complete traffic analysis on Ezra’s top brand (with revenue of $25M in 2018)...
  • Then, see how they leverage last year’s data to build an aggressive media plan for 2019 and beyond.
  • These over-the-shoulder videos go step by step through Molly and Ezra’s process for recording key metrics, analyzing data and turning it into actionable strategies...
  • And give you all their top-performing campaigns so you can add them to your game plan for the new year.
    Watch as three of the industry’s top media buyers show you:
    • A proven framework for optimizing your media plan
    • Strategies to beat rising ad costs
    • Top performing FB funnels for awareness, retargeting & loyalty campaigns
    • How to leverage content to a build a brand that customers love
    • How to plan your budget for maximum ROI in 2019 and beyond
  • $1,000 Value

Signing Bonus #2Kickstart Your Annual Media Planwith Molly Pittman & John Grimshaw

  • No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too late to put together a media plan! Luckily, we’ve got a recorded training all about how you can build a plan completely unique to your business.
  • With the help of analytics expert John Grimshaw, Molly shows you how to pinpoint what worked for you in the past and how to amplify wins (and correct any issues) through 2021 and beyond!
  • In this BONUS training, you will learn how to:
    • Review your 2020 ad strategy for the most profitable camapaigns, audiences, & creative.
    • Pinpoint last year’s roadblocks and how to overcome them.
    • Create a plan for amplifying your wins for the highest ROI.
    • Set informed budget goals and make sure you aren’t endangering your business by overspending or underspending
    • Dial in your data tracking to get more insights from your ad dollars.
  • $500 Value

Signing Bonus #3Zipify Pages3-month Membership*

  • Become a member of Team Traffic and get a BONUS membership to Ezra Firestone’s amazing Shopify landing page builder.
    • Create custom landing pages for your campaigns, or use templates from Ezra’s top-performing funnels.
    • Get all the best page elements for ecommerce at your fingertips, including scarcity timers, one-click lightboxes & Shopify’s dynamic product connection.
    • Enjoy all of Zipify Pages’ premium features like split testing, Shopify blog integration & a full data dashboard.
  • $291 Value (Already a Zipify Pages member? We’ll add 3 months to your membership!)