16 weeks of strategy sessions plus over 50 new how-to implementation tutorials

New resource library, with step-by-step worksheets and fill-in-the-blank templates to guide you through every module.

Hands-on coaching and live feedback calls with professional media buyers who run millions of dollars in paid traffic.

Connect with your fellow students and expert coaches in our private Slack community, so you never feel left behind.

"Not only during this turbulent time was I able to survive, but I thrived and that was due to the help and skills I learned in TMTP! Thanks guys you completely saved my business!" - Caroline

"In my first 30 days we were seeing far better ROAS than we were paying multiple different agencies to do some media buying for us last year. So an entire year of multiple agencies not being able to create success from us then after 30 days and the training from Train My Traffic Person I have been able to just destroy the previous metrics we were using and create so much success for our company." - Casey

" I am now 10 months into running my agency and at first it was so difficult because there is so much information and Facebook is changing all the time. It really wasn’t until TMTP until I really felt confident that what I was doing was the right thing." - Brooks


  • How to Think Like a Media Buyer
  • Planning Your Traffic System
  • Look Inside an Ecommerce Traffic System
  • Look Inside a Non-Ecommerce Traffic System
  • Look Inside a Local Traffic System
  • Defining Your Business Objective
  • Resource Roundup


  • Traffic System Planning Sheet


  • The Offer Formula: Part 1
  • The Offer Formula: Part 2
  • How to Build a High Converting Lead Magnet: Part 1
  • How to Build a High Converting Lead Magnet: Part 2
  • Funnel Map # 1: Lead Magnet to Core Offer
  • Funnel Map # 2: Mini Class Funnel
  • Funnel Map # 3: Webinar Funnel
  • Funnel Map # 4: Lead Magnet to Low Dollar Offer
  • Funnel Map # 5: Lead Magnet to Sales Call
  • Funnel Map # 6: Free Item / Service to Upsell
  • Funnel Map # 7: Butter Chicken
  • Funnel Map # 8: Pre-sell Article
  • Funnel Map # 9: % Off Store or Product
  • Ultimate Product Page: Part 1
  • Ultimate Product Page: Part 2
  • Mini Site: Part 1
  • Mini Site: Part 2
  • High Converting E-Commerce Acquisition Funnels: Part 1
  • High Converting E-Commerce Acquisition Funnels: Part 2


  • What You Need to Know About the Who
  • Market Centric vs. Product Centric
  • How Do I Find My Avatar?
  • Getting Into the Mind of Your Avatar
  • Sipping on Potions
  • Transformation Grid
  • Answer These Questions
  • Action Steps


  • Customer Avatar Questionnaire
  • Customer Persona Canvas
  • Transformation Grid
  • Hook Questionnaire


  • Select Your Copy Styles
  • Ad Multiplier Step 1
  • Select Your Creative Styles
  • Ad Multiplier Step 2
  • Action Steps
  • BONUS: How to Create Long Form Ad Copy
  • BONUS: Copywriting Training w/ Alex Cattoni


  • My Update to BOOM’s Targeting
  • Copy Tips with Molly
  • Copy Formulas with Ezra
  • High Converting Creatives
  • FB Video Ad Formulas with Ezra
  • BOOM Creatives with Boris
  • Action Items


  • Trageting Research Excercise


  • Campaign Objective
  • How to Set Up a Conversion Campaign
  • How to Set up a Traffic Campaign
  • How to Set Up ABO Campaign
  • How to Set Up a CBO Campaign
  • Lifetime vs Daily Budgets
  • Placements
  • Audience Insights
  • Dynamic Creative
  • How to Find your Post ID
  • How to Set Up an Organic Post or Previous Ad as a New Ad
  • Look-A-Likes
  • Super Look-A Likes
  • Advanced Look-A-Likes
  • How to Use Ad System Planning Sheets


  • Worksheets


  • The How & Why of UTM Parameters
  • An Introduction to Google Analytics
  • [Advanced] Smarter Scale With Customer Value Velocity
  • An Introduction To Facebook Events Manager
  • [Case Study] Facebook Ads Managers Limitations / Analyzing Performance With Google Analytics
  • An Introduction To The Campaign Performance Tracking Sheet
  • Filling Out The Campaign Performance Tracking Sheet – Post iOS15 Tracking Strategies
  • [Deep Dive] Setting Up Google Analytics


  • Tracking Sheet


  • How to Audit a Traffic Campaign (or System)
  • Audit of BOOM’s FB Ad Account
  • Audit of Smart Marketer’s Recent Launch
  • On-Site Optimization & Heat Maps
  • Troubleshooting inside BOOM’s FB Ad Account


  • Traffic Plan Worksheet

How To Videos

  • CBO Best Practices
  • Scaling with CBO
  • Scaling with Automated Rules
  • Scaling to $100k/day in Ad Spend

How To Videos

  • Dynamic Product Ads

How To Videos

  • YouTube Retargeting with Tom Breeze
  • Google Ads with Mike Rhodes


  • Google Ads Audit Checklist

How To Videos

  • Agency & Freelancing with James Schramko
  • Demystifying Facebook's Conversion API with Aaron Bailey
  • 8-Step Social Media Plan with Laura Palladino
  • Juicing Blog Content with Laura Palladino
  • Advertorials with Nehal Kazim
  • Acquiring 10,000 Subscribers in 6 Months with Ryan McKenzie

Who is This Program For

This training is for anyone who wants to learn the art of paid traffic, or sharpen the skills they already have.

New Media Buyers

Avoid the costly process of trial and error. This course will give you an A-Z traffic training that will put you light-years ahead of most media buyers. (Lucky you! I wish I’d found this when I was just getting started.)

Hear from Jamella Bailey, a newer media buyer

Advanced Media Buyers

This course is perfect for pros looking to sharpen their skills. You know how valuable it is to improve even one small part of your process, and I guarantee you will get a ton of new strategies to improve your ROI.

Hear from Anneline Breetzke, an experienced media buyer


Whether you’re the owner or a team member, having a capable media buyer in-house is incredibly valuable. Without a profitable ads strategy, it can be almost impossible to grow; with the wrong one, you can make a lot of very costly mistakes.

Hear from Kelli Bhattacharjhee, a blogger & business owner

Freelance / Agency

In my experience, most clients won’t give you a lot of time or many opportunities to start delivering the goods. TMTP will help you communicate better with your team, get bigger wins and keep more accounts.

Hear from Camilo Parra, an agency owner

Ecommerce, Info, Services & SaaS

In my ad agency, I use this same exact traffic strategy for all my clients no matter what industry they’re in, so I can guarantee that the techniques in TMTP are effective in all of them. The content of your campaigns might change, but the forces of media buying don’t!

Hear from Jason Daemar, ecommerce brand owner

Member Bonus #1Team Traffic: 1-month Membership

After you complete TMTP, you get BONUS access to Team Traffic, the #1 group for media buyers who want ongoing education, resources and support to help them succeed.
  • Copy My Campaigns - Over-the-shoulder videos of Molly building her latest campaigns for 5 of her clients
  • LIVE feedback call with Molly - Submit your ads, audiences, budget, creative, and anything else you want help with, and Molly will provide you with personal feedback.
  • “Ad-Sumer Report” - Compiled by our in-house researcher, this 100+ page report is a deep analysis of the month’s top Facebook ads, placements and offers.
  • Team Traffic Slack Group - This high-level club of media buyers is your go-to place for answers, motivation and inspiration.
  • Team Traffic Newsletter - Get the scoop on what’s changing in Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube — everything that’s affecting your business, all in one place.

$397 Value

Member Bonus #2Zipify Pages: 3-month Membership

Become a member of TMTP and get a BONUS membership to Ezra Firestone’s amazing Shopify landing page builder.
  • Create custom landing pages for your campaigns, or use templates from Ezra’s top-performing funnels.
  • Get all the best page elements for ecommerce at your fingertips, including scarcity timers, one-click lightboxes & Shopify’s dynamic product connection.
  • Enjoy all of Zipify Pages’ premium features like split testing, Shopify blog integration & a full data dashboard.

$291 Value

(Already a Zipify Pages member? We’ll add 3 months to your membership!)

Member Bonus #3Ambassador Blueprint

Want to copy Molly's most successful ad campaign of the last 5 years? Learn how to leverage the same ambassador program she and Ezra used to source the ad creative that generated 36,000 new customers and $2.8 million in revenue (in just 4 months!). In this 18-video training, you will learn exactly how to:
  • Mine your community for brand ambassadors.
  • Use our application process to find the best candidates.
  • Onboard ambassadors quickly.
  • Give ambassadors creative guidelines to help them produce the best images & videos.
  • Turn their content into "Love-Demo-Love" Facebook ads.
  • Leverage their content organically via blog posts, emails & social.
  • Manage this project so it runs like clockwork.

Bonus Templates & Resources: Our Best Ad Copy Templates; Legal Contracts; Pitch Deck for New Prospects, Brand Ambassador Application Form; Swag Box Contents & Design; And More

$397 Value

Member Bonus #4YouTube Kickstart Blueprint

Molly’s 9-step traffic system isn’t limited by platform. Once you master Facebook, we’ll teach you how to profitably scale the same campaign on YouTube in this highly tactical course with TMTP coach Brett Curry.
  • Diversify Your Traffic - Add new revenue streams and protect yourself from platform changes.
  • Video Templates - Step-by-step formulas to make your Facebook creatives win on YouTube.
  • Targeting Worksheets - Use the power of Google to copy and expand your most profitable Facebook audiences onto YouTube.
  • Tie it All Together - Become a marketing double threat when you can successfully scale campaigns on the Internet's 2 biggest platforms.

$397 Value

Member Bonus #5Smart Google Traffic

Build on your TMTP mentorship by incorporating the incredible power and reach of Google. You will learn how to create multi-channel ad campaigns for Google Display Network, Search, Shopping and YouTube.
  • Master the Google Display Network with coaching from the Founder of a successful Google ad agency.
  • Google Search Ads - Strengthen your Facebook ads strategy with Google Search to create powerful retargeting campaigns and increase visibility.
  • Google Shopping Ads - Build high-ROI Google Shopping funnels and product feeds to generate easy sales for ecommerce brands.
  • YouTube Video Ads - This bonus includes a 6-hour YouTube Masterclass packed with creative templates and campaign blueprints to unlock YouTube for any business.
  • Diversify your traffic system and become one of the only full-stack media buyers in the game who can create ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube!

$1497 Value


TMTP MentorshipYours Now For$2997.00

  • Our proven media buying training course - 16 weeks of live strategy sessions, plus over 50 how-to implementation tutorials
  • Molly’s 9-step Traffic Engine for planning, launching, optimizing and scaling campaigns
  • New resource library of step-by-step worksheets and fill-in-the-blank templates to guide you through every module
  • Molly’s daily, weekly and monthly checklist for campaign health and account management
  • 16+ Q&A sessions where you can go deeper into each lesson & get weekly feedback to accelerate your progress
  • A Hands-on mentorship with Molly Pittman, with personal feedback from our team of professional media buyers
  • Access to a Private TMTP Slack Group where our team of expert coaches answer your questions and help you work through any blocks
  • BONUS: 1-month Membership to Team Traffic ($397 value)
  • BONUS: 3-month membership to Zipify Pages ($291 value)
  • BONUS: Access to Ambassador Blueprint ($397 value)
  • BONUS: Access to YouTube Kickstart Blueprint ($397 value)
  • BONUS: Access to Smart Google Traffic ($1497 value)