Member Bonus #11 Extra Mentorship Seat

To make sure you're able to implement the ICOSA Framework in your business, we're giving you 2 seats in mentorship for the price of one.

That way, a member of your team can also attend the training sessions and feedback calls. They can also interact with Laura, the coaches, and your fellow students in the Facebook group.
  • 2 Mentorship Seats for the Price of One
  • Full Access to Trainings Sessions and Q&A Feedback Calls
  • Access to Laura, Coaches and Fellow Students in Private Facebook Group

$2,997 VALUE

Member Bonus #2Smart Social

Get lifetime* access to the on-demand version of Train My Social Media Manager.

After you finish your live mentorship, we are going to turn TMSMM into a fully edited and streamable version of the training. This will be an incredibly valuable resource anytime you need a refresher on what you've learned, or when want to put a new team member through the content.
  • Lifetime Access*
  • All 14 Weeks of TMSMM Content Edited into Consumable Modules with Bite-sized Videos
  • Updated Regularly with New Videos Revealing our Latest Campaigns, Tools and Marketing Tactics

$1,497 VALUE

Member Bonus #3Ambassador Blueprint

Copy our most successful social campaign ever.

BOOM!'s Ambassador Program has been the driving force of our content marketing strategy as we've scaled. It now generates over 80% of our new customers, more than $10 million in revenue in 2020.

In this 18-video training, you will learn exactly how to:
  • Mine Your community for brand ambassadors
  • Use our application process to find the best candidates
  • Onboard ambassadors quickly
  • Give ambassadors creative guidelines to help them produce the best images & videos
  • Turn their content into "Love-Demo-Love" Facebook ads
  • Leverage their content organically (via blog posts, emails & social)
  • Manage this project so it runs like clockwork
Bonus Templates & Resources: Our Best Ad Copy Templates; Legal Contracts; Pitch Deck for New Prospects, Brand Ambassador Application Form; Swag Box Contents & Design; And More

$397 VALUE

Member Bonus #4Zipify Pages: 3-month Membership

Get Ezra Firestone’s amazing Shopify landing page and sales funnel builder!

To help you launch social campaigns quickly and easily, we're giving you a page builder loaded with all of the templates you'll need to host a variety of different content types.
  • Get all of our best social templates, including pages for blog posts, long-form articles, social giveaway contests, product launches & more.
  • Easily build pages from scratch with our drag-and-drop builder.
  • Enjoy all of Zipify Pages’ premium features like split testing, Shopify blog integration & a full data dashboard.
(Already a Zipify Pages member? We’ll add 3 months to your membership!)

$291 VALUE

All Business Types
The I.C.O.S.A. Social Framework works for ecommerce, info products, SaaS, agencies — you name it.

All Team Sizes
Whether you're a do-it-yourself business owner or you have a social media manager like me, this is the most efficient system for leveraging content to drive growth.

All Skill Levels
Depending on your experience level, ICOSA can help you start from scratch or improve the skills you already have. Either way you will get a copyable, repeatable plan for producing profitable campaigns week in, week out.

All Budgets
Over the years we've used this system to run campaigns at all levels of production value — from recording content on an iPhone to staging $100,000 photoshoots.

"If you are struggling to figure out your social media, this is the course you want to take... my only regret is that I didn't find it sooner." - Jeremiah Allen

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