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Christine J.
United States
Best help ever!!

This was a comprehensive course that thought me everything about advertising AND MORE!! I primarily came for the facebook ads, but learned about my website and emails. I haven't worked on the other ad platforms yet. I am so pleased with my experience with the facebook ads. The course is worth it. The team, teaching, and help are all positive, encouraging and friendly.

Frank R.
United States United States
Molly Helped Me Grow A Set

Molly Helped Me Grow A Set! It's true - here's the story... Last August our business - was growing but not fast enough. We were advertising but doing so with a "toe in the water" sensibility. Along comes Molly and Ezra too with their FREE 7 day Facebook ads course. I ate up every word they said and was motivated by their easy teaching style to put into action a good bit of it. Importantly, Molly's lessons helped me gain the confidence to make the proper investment into our advertising. Holy Mackerel! The changes came quickly and we rocketed from a 10% growth rate to 30%+! YES! All was going in the right direction and BOOM - Covid hit and growing stopped. On a dime! Remembering that our recent success started with a free TMTP course and seeing that I had a bit of extra time on my hand I decided to invest in the dynamic duo's new online version of TMTP. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the course and it has filled in some major gaps. There is no doubt that it has helped us pivot to some non sports related products and has put us back on the growth track. I have just one suggestion for improvement and that would be to break down lessons into smaller more easily digestable chunks. The amount of information provided in this course is incredible! Oh yeah, Ezra's mind works at a million miles a second so if we could slow down his quick clicking style I wouldn't have to watch his bountiful lessons over and over in order to get the goods. But now that Molly helped me grow a set - Im just busting Ezra's. Thank you Molly and Thank you Ezra for crafting a course that is helping us to go forth and prosper!

Cody P.
United States United States
Amazing course

This course was awesome. With some courses you get just tactical fb button pushing. Milky taught soup to nuts marketing and fb specifics while giving over the shoulder views of working campaigns. Highly recommend.

Nathan R.
United States United States
Love it!

I really am loving it. So much info...I haven't even gotten 25% through it yet. I can't wait to pay for the live class. So much info. Thanks for this opportunity. Nathan Robart

Homero P.
Uruguay Uruguay
Awesome content, could be better presented.

I love the course content (which is the thing that matters), anyway I thinks sometimes the presentations/classes could be better presented. Example: When you join, the first video you receive is an audio with pictures. Would be nice if recorded talking head. I know mostly is live, but the general asthetics could have more care. Ezra manages that very well. If you turn off the audio, sometimes it doesn’t look like a 3k or 1.5k product. For me content is the mostly important thing but I wanted to give a review on where to improve. Molly & Ezra are amazing marketers. I follow them since I found them on internet. I’m the first client from Uruguay and will continue to be :) Big hug Homero